In the early 70s, Gita Sporting Goods first introduced the U.S. market to the world’s top bicycle products. Today we proudly represent select premium Italian brands with the same singular mission – to continuously elevate the American cycling experience.

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Premium Italian cycling apparel.



Bespoke apparel for teams, clubs and shops.



Top-end components for racing bikes.


Handmade artistry crafted in steel.



Road bicycle wheelsets.

By Cyclists, for Cyclists, Since 1979.


Giordana Cycling was born with a desire to offer the very best in cycling apparel. Combining Italian craftsmanship, style, and nearly half a century of industry knowledge, we design clothing for everyone from professional racers, to the everyday rider. In addition to a full in-line catalog offering, we sponsor two WorldTour teams and deliver the same pro-level apparel through the Giordana Custom program. From the beginning, our philosophy has been to take the best and make it better. By creating technically advanced products within collections that offer superior value, comfort, and performance, we aim to enhance the cycling experience of every rider who wears Giordana.


Your Inspiration x Giordana.


Giordana Custom offers genuine professional-level apparel, customized any way imaginable. With the experience of nearly 50 years working with pros, we have the expertise to deliver the finest custom garments on the market. We use the most technologically advanced materials available, but still employ old-school craftsmanship in Italy, which is just one aspect that makes our program unique. Created for cyclists, by cyclists, our passion is evident, and each piece represents the culmination of countless hours of research, development, design, and meticulous refinement. Designed for the pros, but made for you.


From Italy, with Love.

Here you have people who have done this all of their life. They know what they are doing. They care about what they are doing, and they care about the product they put out. That’s what makes this place so special.
— Giorgio Andretta, Founder & CEO

The science and the art of building bicycles.


Founder, Dario Pegoretti was among the first of the European frame builders to embrace lugless TIG welding to build premium bicycles. Working with leading edge manufacturers such as Excell and Dedacciai, Pegoretti contributed to the development of new materials and tube sets. Earning a strong following among professional riders, he built bikes for a number of elite teams. Today, the Verona workshop produces a small number of handmade frames each year with the mission to develop the excellence and artistry of Italian frame building.