Your Inspiration x Giordana.


Giordana Custom offers genuine professional-level apparel, customized any way imaginable. With the experience of nearly 50 years working with pros, we have the expertise to deliver the finest custom garments on the market. We use the most technologically advanced materials available, but still employ old-school craftsmanship in Italy, which is just one aspect that makes our program unique. Created for cyclists, by cyclists, our passion is evident, and each piece represents the culmination of countless hours of research, development, design, and meticulous refinement. Designed for the pros, but made for you.


From Italy, with Love.

Here you have people who have done this all of their life. They know what they are doing. They care about what they are doing, and they care about the product they put out. That’s what makes this place so special.
— Giorgio Andretta, Founder & CEO