Below is an example of a three color FULL custom order. The instructions are listed to the left to help walk you through com-
pleting our Excel order form.


It's time to place your order when you've completed your artwork with our in-house graphic designer and gathered all your team's sizes and quantities.

1. A team representative will review and approve all artwork on our pattern template/s and sign off on the artwork checklist.

2. Download our Excel order form.

3. Enter all sizes and quantities for each garment/s. There are minimum reminders throughout the order form.

4. There are two price totals in the far right columns. One with the Giordana sponsorship and the other without.

5. When you have completed your order please email or fax the order form to our custom specialist.

6. Our custom specialist will contact you ASAP with an order confirmation for review and approval. If all information is correct, you will sign, date and return the confirmation with a 50% deposit.

7. Our custom specialist will send your order to our factory in Italy. From the date the order is submitted the delivery time to Charlotte, NC is 10 weeks.